Are Garden Rooms a Good Idea as a Home Office?

With more and more people working remotely, the topic of moving a home office from the house to a garden room is gaining more importance than ever before. 

This simple yet extremely practical structure, once erected in one’s backyard, provides one with the peace and quiet he needs in order to focus on his work. 

If you’ve ever wondered whether using a garden room as a home office is a good idea or not, take a look at the following list of ways in which putting up such a structure in your garden can impact your professional life: 

More Privacy 

With a home-based office stationed in your backyard, you won’t have to deal with the (sometimes very annoying) sounds of everyday living. There will be no need to make fruitless attempts at asking others to be quiet

To put it simply, a garden room is your own space, the one in which you can fully concentrate on your work without being a nuisance to other people and vice versa. 

Low Cost 

Believe it or not, garden rooms are surprisingly inexpensive. When compared to renovating your home in order to make space for an office, erecting a structure of this type costs a lot less. 

The cost of a garden room depends on several factors, such as amenities or size. But no matter how small or large your budget is, it is very likely that you can make a very functional and practical backyard office. 

Quick Installation 

Renovating a part of your house in order to accommodate a home-based office can take a lot of time, which is not something all of us have. Moreover, it can make a large part of the house inaccessible and interrupt both your and your family members’ everyday lives. 

Garden rooms are often constructed off-site before they’re transported and assembled on one’s property. One of the strategies for construction companies to win more projects is that they advertise installing garden rooms in less than a week, which is more often true than not.

Enhanced Creativity 

Have you ever heard of Roald Dahl? This famous British novelist wrote most of his short stories in a small backyard shed. 

Creativity is an unavoidable side effect of working while exposed to nature and its peaceful sounds. It’s a well-known fact that nature boosts productivity and promotes creativity – if that’s what you’re searching for, using a garden room as a home office is a great idea. 

No Need for Commuting 

Let’s be honest – there’s no fun in going to and from the workplace five days a week throughout almost the entire year. What is more, a lot of people lose quite a bit of time on commuting, and this time can certainly be used for better purposes. 

A cosy garden room can easily shorten anyone’s commute to just a couple of meters. There are no trains to catch. There’s no traffic to deal with. And the time you’d otherwise spend travelling to your workplace can be used for relaxation or productivity – that’s totally up to you. 

Increased Property Value 

As long as your garden room is well-designed and you take proper care of it, it’s bound to increase the overall value of your property. 

After all, having another room in the garden will allow the future owner (if you ever decide to sell the house, that is) to use that space for whatever he wants – training, storing items, playing pool and other games, working from home, or even living. Don’t forget that you can also rent out your garden room if you ever stop using it as your home office. 

More Comfort 

The fact that a garden room is a place of your own cannot be overstated enough. It’s a cabin whose interior and exterior you can design to your liking, accommodating both yourself and your clients in the most comfortable way possible. Work inside or out, create an outside seating area using garden paving slabs to make a great outdoor working area.

Keep the interior temperature as high or as low as you want, work with your feet up (or standing, if that’s what you prefer), and, whenever the weather allows it, simply open up the window (or two) to let the fresh breeze and birdsongs in. 

Garden Room with a Kitchen?

Take outdoor living to the next level by adding a kitchen to your garden room. Whether you want to show off your culinary skills at your next summer party or cook intimate family dinners all year round, a fitted designer kitchen could be just the thing for you.

When it comes to deciding what kind of garden room with a kitchen you want, there are several factors to consider. First, think about how you want to use the space. If you’re mainly using it for entertaining, then you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of prep and storage space as well as room for guests. If you’re planning on using the space for family meals, then you might want to think about including a dining area.

Next, consider what kind of materials and finishes you want. Garden rooms can be built from a variety of materials, including wood, brick, or even glass. And when it comes to finishes, there are endless possibilities – from modern and minimalist to traditional and homely. Once you’ve decided on the overall look and feel of your garden room with a kitchen, you can start to think about the specific details like appliances, fittings, and fixtures.

Better Work-Life Balance 

With your workplace situated right there in the backyard and with no need to waste time on travelling to and from the workplace, you’ll be capable of quickly and easily taking care of all kinds of chores during breaks. 

Prepare ingredients for the upcoming dinner, run the dishwasher, pop in a load of laundry – it’s all up to you. By doing these essential household tasks during your breaks, they won’t be able to pile up. This result is that your free time will become truly your own free time. 

Added Flexibility 

Those having their home offices situated inside garden rooms can work at times that suit them the best. Of course, this doesn’t go for folks with strict scheduling requirements, but it still adds at least a little bit of flexibility to their professional lives. 

You can always carve out some free time to help your kids with the homework, to walk your dog, or to simply relax for a while. Also, with the garden room being just a few meters away from your house, it’s super easy to make yourself a cup of tea – or even take a quick trip to the supermarket – whenever you want to. 

To answer the question from the title – yes, using a garden room as a home office is a good idea. There are many innovative garden room inspirations to choose from and each can make your professional life more enjoyable, save you a lot of time, and increase your overall productivity. 

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