23 Great Small Business Blogs

Nowadays, it seems that everyone from bar owners to property managers is an expert on running a business. Small business blogs are all over the internet, but most of them are just marketing tools. As a part of their sales pitch, they offer you generic advice on how to run your business.

However, there are indeed some small business blogs that offer valuable advice, insight and guidance to business owners. Here are 23 great small business blogs that provide inspiration, information and education to small business owners.


Fred Wilson is a seasoned venture capitalist that has been blogging since 2003. As a managing partner of two successful VC firms, Union Square Ventures and Flatiron Partners, he has plenty of sage advice to offer to small business owners.

DIY Marketers

The average small business owner has a very limited marketing budget, as well as marketing skills. Ivana Taylor and her team of DIY Marketers teach small business owners how to gain new customers for less money by employing creative marketing strategies.

Adrian Swinschoe

Adrian Swinscoe is a successful consultant that runs a blog with many useful posts on customer and employee engagement, building a customer-oriented business, social media, service, and a variety of other similar topics. It also features interviews with many great individuals from the business world.


In the world of marketing—content is king, and Copyblogger is the king of all content marketing blogs. Copyblogger writers offer some of the best content marketing resources on the internet. It’s perfect for those who want to advance their content marketing skills across the board.

Both Sides of the Table

Mark Suster went on to become a VC after selling one of his two businesses, hence the name of the blog. Suster writes about leadership, management, startups, marketing, sales, and more.

Marketing Profs

Marketing Profs is perfect for business owners who are looking to stay up to date with the latest marketing news and tips. Ann Handley uses real-world examples and data to educate the modern marketer. You can access her best content by purchasing the PRO subscription.

Penelope Trunk

Penelope is an entrepreneur that has a lot of useful life lessons to offer. But, to small business owners, her raw and funny insights about managing a company may be most valuable. On her blog, you can find great advice on all sorts of business-related issues.

Social Triggers

Inc. magazine named Derek Halpern “the master of social media.” On his Social Triggers blog, Darek offers great advice on running a business, marketing, sales, and, of course, mastering social media.


BizSugar is a crowd-curated blog where you can find the latest news from the world of business as well as great small business tips. The BizSugar community votes on the submitted info, advice, and tips, making sure the most useful posts rise to the top.

Richard Branson

Who could possibly turn down advice from this guy?

Entrepreneurs on Fire is a business-centric blog that is filled with useful strategies and inspirational stories. It has taken the world of business blogging by storm. The EoF offers readers plenty of helpful advice that will motivate them to take their small business to the next level.

Duct Tape Marketing

Best selling author and famous small business marketing expert, John Jantsch, can teach you all you need to know about marketing growth, strategy and all things online. Small business owners can find plenty of reliable marketing advice on John’s Duct Tape Marketing blog.

Google Small Business

Since many small business owners turn to Google Search for advice, Google decided to start their own official blog for small businesses.

It’s a place where the search engine giant discusses its tools and new releases. You can find plenty of instructional information and great advice on how to make the most out of Google’s tools.

Even though it’s promotional in nature, Google Small Business is still a great blog for business owners.


Manta is all about celebrating the role small businesses have in our society. Manta’s small business blog is a comprehensive database of unique guides and stories that can be of great help to business owners. If you’re looking to stay current with small business trends, Manta is your one stop shop.

Farnam Street

Every entrepreneur should read the great philosophers, but who actually has time for that? The FS will make you a better and smarter leader by teaching you how to think like the world’s big thinkers.


The U.S. SBA (Small Business Administration) has been empowering small businesses ever since it was founded in 1953, and the SBA blog is no different. It is a treasure throwe of useful information on starting and running a business.


Entrepreneur provides an invaluable database of guides, profiles, insights, and advice for entrepreneurs looking to get ahead in the world of small-to-medium businesses.

The blog is both inspirational and incredibly informative. It will motivate you to stay ahead of the curve with its well-crafted, easy-to-read how to’s. For instance, their step-by-step guide to business plans is a great read that will give you a feel of their blog.


To help business owners stay inspired, Weebly’s blog shares excellent e-commerce, marketing, design, and other useful tips for running a small business. Whether you want to learn how to manage inventory or create the perfect brand persona, Weebly has got you covered.


Mixergy offers you a chance to learn from plenty of passionate entrepreneurs. The blog interviews business leaders on their wins and failures. Their stories can help you figure out in which direction you want to take your business.

Evergreen Small Business

This blog is all about the nitty-gritty of running a small business. It offers advice on how to deal with past due tax returns, ACA info for small businesses, reviews of DIY incorporation kits, and other details of owning and managing a small business.

Small Business Survival

Small Business survival aims to help small-town and rural businesses. Even though it is best known for its social media marketing posts, it has plenty of other great how-to-articles for business owners.

American Express

American Express’ blog is a great example of content marketing done right. Even though they have set up a blog to promote their own services, it still has a wide range of useful content that will benefit the average small business owner.

They are covering topics from creating a company culture to agile marketing and everything in between.

Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends is a female powerhouse that focuses on guidance for small businesses. It’s a great place to educate yourself if you are looking to take your small enterprise further. Each of their posts gives small business owners access to leading industry insights.

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