Why Using Video for Social Media Marketing is Essential

We all know that traditional marketing methods are no longer effective, and those who are succeeding with digital marketing may not be taking advantage of critical practices that might help them expand even faster than they already are!

Advertisers increasingly target consumers with sponsored postings when they scroll through social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and others. The number of businesses moving online and the number of new marketers joining Facebook each year have resulted in an increase in the number of image ads that are being presented on a daily basis.

According to Facebook’s auction algorithm, advertising on Facebook will get more expensive as more businesses use the social media platform for marketing initiatives. In this article, I’ll share with you three compelling reasons why video marketing will be so crucial in 2022, as well as some tips on how to maximize your video marketing efforts while spending less money.

Make a strong first impression

There are a plethora of marketers vying for consumers’ attention. It’s no longer enough to just post a picture of yourself as a creative on social media to get people’s attention. In an age where there is a glut of information and so many companies running ads that our attention is skimmed over, video content retains our attention 5 times longer than photo material does.

It’s critical to catch people’s attention and compel them to stop scrolling through their feed in the first millisecond of your campaign. In our role as Facebook Marketing Partners, we have learned that the average Facebook user spends 1.3 seconds on each post in their feed. As a result, we only have a fraction of a second to grab and hold the attention of our audience.

If you’re looking to get people’s attention quickly, you’ll want to put your best aspects, such as motion, right in the first few seconds. Incorporating our corporate identity into the design early on, as well as creating attention-grabbing video thumbnails, is how we accomplish this. This is a common omission on the part of companies. Advertisers often assume that their content is visually appealing, but will it pique the interest of potential customers as they scroll through social media? Branding and messaging must be constant if you want to stand out and overtake the competition.

Ad spend may be made more effective by optimizing it

In terms of web marketing, video is the most cost-effective. Spending money on video views is an excellent way to maximize your company’s exposure for the least amount of money. Video view campaigns are without a doubt the most cost-effective method we’ve found for reaching out to potential customers on social media.

For example, we’ve paid cents for each video view and continue to do so. That’s correct. We’ll even pay one-tenth of a penny when it comes to qualified video views. Other forms of video marketing, such as advertisements, can cost thousands of dollars and have limited options, but Facebook video marketing stands out as the most cost-effective option. In terms of Facebook marketing objectives, this is the most cost-effective strategy available.

Using watch thresholds to retarget visitors is a powerful tool

The fact that Facebook allows marketers to retarget specific video viewers depending on how long they viewed a video is a gold mine for those conducting paid video view campaigns. In the Facebook Ads Manager platform, it’s possible to retarget users without placing a Pixel (cookies) on a site.

For advertising, this is a game-changer. In addition to the fact that you can first show adverts to people who have seen your first piece of video content for a particular amount of time, you can then repeat and show a third and so on. Direct response advertising can be targeted to users who have watched at least 10 seconds of video three to five times. After watching videos one through five, we can presume that our target customers are already familiar with our brand and are ready to be marketed to with OTOs (one-time offers), LTOs (limited time offers), and other direct response campaigns.

Video marketing on social media is essential in 2022 for these three reasons. Make use of these ideas and begin using video content in your marketing initiatives if you want to stand out from the crowd. Videos on social media are critical for capturing attention, allowing for retargeting using prior watching levels, and because they are more cost-effective than traditional advertising.

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